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Leaving Neverland’s Disturbing Narrative About the Nature of Child Sexual Abuse

Leaving Neverland‘s portrayal of the nature of alleged child sexual abuse is disturbing, to say the least. When you pay close attention to it, you will realize that it portrays alleged child sexual abuse as some kind of romantic-erotic relationship, … Continue reading

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Victor Gutierrez and his role in the allegations against Michael Jackson

There were numerous journalists reporting on the Michael Jackson cases and among them there were those who were molding it, often in ethically questionable ways [for details see the next chapter entitled The Media’s Role In The Allegations Against Michael … Continue reading

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Did Jordan Chandler’s description of Michael Jackson’s penis match the photographs taken of the star’s genitalia by the police?

On December 20, 1993 Michael Jackson was subjected to a humiliating strip search in which his genitalia and buttocks were photographed and videofilmed. Authorities wanted to compare the photos with the descriptions his accuser, Jordan Chandler gave to the police … Continue reading

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