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What about Jackson’s sharing his bedroom with unrelated children?

Some people base their own “guilty” verdict about Michael Jackson on his own statement of seeing nothing wrong with sharing a bed with unrelated children. To be sure, we do not advocate this behavior (that directly led to The 2005 … Continue reading

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The Prosecution’s Wintesses – Phillip and Stella LeMarque

Another “prior bad acts” witness of the prosecution in 2005 was Phillip LeMarque. LeMarque and his wife, Stella Marcroft worked for Jackson at Neverland for about ten months beginning in 1991. Marcroft was a cook and her husband was in … Continue reading

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The Prosecution’s Witnesses – Ralph Chacon, Kassim Abdool and Adrian McManus

The so called “Neverland 5” was a group of five former employees of Jackson: Kassim Abdool, Ralph Chacon, Adrian McManus, Sandy Domz and Melanie Bagnall who sued Jackson in the 90s alleging wrongful termination. Three of these five people – … Continue reading

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