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“Even Michael Jackson’s sister, LaToya said he was guilty” / “James Safechuck’s current allegations back up what LaToya said in 1993”

Michael Jackson detractors often use some of LaToya Jackson‘s 1993-1994 interviews against him. I write “some of” her interviews, because in the 1993-1994 period she was pretty inconsistent. In the wake of the 1993 Jordan Chandler allegations against Michael, LaToya … Continue reading

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Michael Jacobshagen and Terry George

To boost the number of alleged Michael Jackson victims, detractors of the entertainer often add people to their list of “victims” who are even more easily discredited than the ones we discuss in the main sections of this website. Two … Continue reading

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“How does it feel when you’re alone and you’re cold inside?” – Michael Jackson’s Trauma

I was wandering in the rain Mask of life, feelin’ insane Swift and sudden fall from grace Sunny days seem far away (…) Here abandoned in my fame Armageddon of the brain”  (Michael Jackson – Stranger in Moscow) The allegations … Continue reading

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Safechuck alleges sexual abuse at the iconic Neverland train station that did not even exist at the time

In a scene of Leaving Neverland accuser James Safechuck alleges that Michael Jackson had molested him in virtually every corner of Neverland, including in open and rather public spaces such as the pool or the theater. The whole scene seemed … Continue reading

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